City Garden offers eye candy and free splashing for the kids

Tucked between Market and Chestnut; 8th and 10th Streets, with a perfect view of the Arch, find the CITY GARDEN -- a little urban oasis.

It is shadowed by city buildings and businesses and makes the fantastic spot for a lunch time stroll or a family field trip. Parents & kids alike will enjoy the unique sculptures which are perfect for climbing & posing beside. Everything from a hollowed head (to climb inside!) to a smooth white bunny.
Moms and Dads can feel safe in knowing that some of the side streets are blocked off, enabling a safe crossing for your barefooted tikes.

The Garden shares the same hours as all parks in the St. Louis Department of Parks: opens at sunrise and closes at 10 pm. Citygarden is open to the public every day & is free, of course. Their wading areas open at 10 am in the summer.

Grab your sunblock, swim wear if it's warm, and a towel, and enjoy the City Garden!

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Shawn said...

I work across the street from her and it is amazing how much city noise it can block out.