The Tightwad Momma Newsletter

As most of you know (some of you may or may not have taken advantage of it), there's an option on the website here, for you to enter your email address & have the posts from Tightwad Momma emailed to you.

I've gotten several emails over the past few months letting me know that some of you are unhappy with the timing of those emails...

I wanted to be sure to tell each of you that although I'd like to take credit for doing such a service, I actually have NOTHING to do with those emails. It's a little feature from blogger/google that doesn't involve me in the least bit. As a matter of fact, I don't even know who is on the list of recipients.

Therefore, I have absolutely no control over when those emails are sent, let alone the power to send them thrice daily as some of you have recommended.

If you're unhappy with the delay in getting some of those posts via email, my advice is that you subscribe via google reader (which I love), or just try to check the site often.

Happy Reading!

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