Kmart Deals for Next Week

This from my new FB friend, Carol:

"kmart.com blue light specials for Sat. Aug 15th also starting Sun Aug 16th thru 22nd double manuf. coupons up to and including $2. Be sure to get new monthly ad and weekly ad. Can print manuf. coupons and get email savings at Kmart.com also."


Missy said...

Is there a limit on the number of coupons??

Katwoman said...

It depends on the KMart. Festus KMart does not limit. I went to K-Mart this eve. (8/16) and these are the deals I found:
Sally Hanson Nail Polish $2.79 -1.00cp doubles and end cost is $0.79

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.89 -1.00cp doubles and final cost is $0.89

Listerine 500ml $4.59 -2.00cp doubles and final cost is $0.59

Pert Plus Shampoo $2.50 -1.00cp doubles and final cost is $0.50

Windex Multipurpose $2.50 -1.00cp doubles and final cost is $0.50

Tami said...

Stay away fro the Kmart in High Ridge. They are strict on the guidelines. They will not even let you use a reward certicate with a coupon. Festus Kmart is awesome. I make frequent trips there during double coupon week.