Capture the Flag Book Review

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The book "Capture the Flag" by Kate Messner, is
centered around three kids and their attempt to solve
the crime of the century. The one and only flag that
inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national
anthem has been stolen. The character development
of Anna, Jose and Henry really bring in the the young
audience, the target reader. The personalities and
interests of these characters are written in a way that
everyone can find a relationship with. These new
friends, the mystery and the historical facts (which reminded me of a hip National Treasure) makes
this book a winner.
That was Tightwad Daddy’s review. 
This is mine…
Capture the Flag
Each night, almost as if cued, my 7 & 8 year old remind my husband that it’s time to read.  This is their pre-bedtime activity they share & it consistently gets them to bed without a fight.
Both the kids have followed along with the story line & are engaged by the plot & what Anna, Jose, & Henry will experience next.
And their daddy doesn’t seem to mind this read aloud.

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