Walk with Walgreens

So Tightwad Daddy & I are huge fans of Celebrity Apprentice, won't miss a single episode... We laugh at amazement at some of the crazy stuff those people do!
Imagine my delight the other night when Arsnenio Hall's task was 'Walk with Walgreens'. What? Two of my fave things (apprentice + wags) joined together in one dandy episode??!! SIGN.ME.UP.!!

Register with program & automatically be registered for a chance to win a trip to NYC for the finale PLUS $5,000 cash spending money!
But that's not the super great part,
Every 'so many' steps you log in & register, a new "reward" is 'unlocked'.
So far, I've unlocked about 10 coupons. Everything from Dasani to a pedometer to q-tips!


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