Coupons... What are some uncommon ways to score them?

I think we all grew up with there being one source for coupons: the Sunday newspaper. I do remember when I would tag along the grocery store with my mom, the ladies passing out the samples would usually have a coupon to give with their goody. But back then, you didn't see near the places to find a coupon....

Where all can coupons be found now?
  • facebook -- companies have their own facebook page & encourage you to "like" them or become a 'fan' in exchange for an opportunity to print out a coupon to save on their product
  • product packaging -- before you toss that cereal box, make sure you're not tossing a coupon, many times they're part of the packaging/box/sleeve/bag
  • aisles in the grocery store -- keep your eye peeled for 'blinkies', the little machines in the store, usually found near the product on which you'd save; these little devices will "spit out" one coupon at a time
  • catalinas -- the mini machine next to the register which prints out a coupon for your next visit, normally on a product which you'd just purchased OR because of a product (or combination of products) which you just purchased
  • peelies -- these are coupons which are stickers adhered to your product
  • products' websites -- many times found under an 'OFFER' tab, sometimes companies will allow you to print out a coupon straight from their site
  • pharmacies -- you can often find a coupon BOOK from your drugstore pharmacy, with a handful of pretty high valued couponscoupons

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