Pier 1 SUPER Coupon

HERE to print this $10 coupon, good toward any $10 (or more) purchase at Pier One!


Expires TOMORROW (Wednesday the 27th!!)


Anonymous said...

i can't find the coupon :(

Anonymous said...

The Pier 1 coupons are valid for printing only for ONE day, which is the day you posted it (yesterday), and a NEW coupon goes up at 12:01 am. You have your newsletter set-up to be delivered via email the FOLLOWING EVENING, which means there's a completely DIFFERENT coupon for the day your newsletter's delivered and it causes confusion among your subscribers, and we click around looking for something that's not there. Most people wait for newsletters and our RSS feeds (which is the point of having them) to see the deals, not necessarily checking your site everyday for new posts which aren't always there. Do you think you could mention the fact that it's only available to print on a certain day in your post the next time you share a coupon like this so people don't waste their time trying to find a coupon that doesn't exist anymore? I still wonder why the newsletter is set for us to receive via email from you the following evening rather than the morning. If we got our newsletters around 5 am the next morning, it would be in our inbox waiting so we could take the entire day to get in on the deals and activities, but we don't find out about them via email until after closing time.

The Tightwads said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have zero control over the newsletters & how/when they're sent to subscribers. I don't even know who is on the list of subscribers.
I'm sorry that you're not getting these as soon as you'd like to.
I'd be happy to get you the information in exactly the format you'd want w/ all the information you feel is necessary but I do work a full time job & receiver no monetary compensation for my website (no ads).
I try to give you all the information I can & will continue to include whatever I think will help you save money & do so efficiently.
Happy Saving,