Wedding Dresses for Tornado Victims

I was excited when one of my facebook friends posted that she had donated her wedding dress & shared the organization that helped her donate.


When I talked to Rosemary, I asked her for info on how it started & what the process of donation entails...

We have already helped one Joplin bride and would be glad to help more. Mariesa Stokes started the site for Alabama brides, but the Joplin tornado expanded our outreach.

We publicize the donations of wedding apparel and services from the Facebook community. After we've been contacted by a bride who needs our help we do what we can to match the donations we have listed with their needs. And if a bride needs something we don't have a donor for, we do what we can to find someone who will donate it if possible.

We do not inventory dresses, etc. When a bride is matched to the appropriate donors we connect them with each other. Donors usually ship the dresses to the brides, and some vendors have traveled considerable distances to be of help, all free of charge to the brides.

I personally have a great friend whose family huddled in a laundry room while the Joplin tornado pulled up their house around them & as her son said, "left us very muddy & stole all our toys."
While she doesn't need a wedding dress, I started thinking about all those brides-to-be who might have had everything purchased & ready for a soon-to-come wedding & had all those precious things sucked up around them.
I thought this seemed like a beautiful way to bless those people with dresses that we might not ever get out of the back of our closet.


Rosemary said...

Thanks so much for posting about our Facebook site, Wedding Dresses for Tornado Victims.

If you hear of anyone impacted by the tornado who needs help putting their wedding plans back on track, we can help!

Rosemary said...

The little fellow saying the tornado stole all his toys is very meaningful to us, because we run a FREE Plush Memories Lost Toys Search Service. We will give Super Top Priority to all requests for help finding that special lovie lost in the tornadoes.

We're featured in an article in the July issue of PARENTING magazine!