Free Photo Books at Artscow

Excited about these FREE BOOKS at Artscow!:

"We know how much our members like their twenty-paged 8” x 8” photo books given the successes from previous promotions, so as a gesture of appreciation, we are putting together a coupon code that allows you to claim up to $100 worth of hardcover photo books.

On the shelves today we have 6 twenty-paged with 2 additional 40-paged versions included for good measure. Simply insert the code below and get credited with 8 free photo books.

Coupon :

Coupon code: 8FREEBKS
Expires on: 07/04/2010
Expires on: 30 days

Use these hardcover books to assemble a collection of memories that will last forever.

TIP: Validate the code now and use the free credits on saved projects. Free credits will be automatically applied to your order.

Log onto your Credit & Discount page and validate the coupon code.

Go to ARTSCOW & get get that code into your account! (or if you're new to artscow, you'll have lots more free besides just the photo books!)


kim said...

I got the books to show in the cart but when you go to creaate it, it gives you an error code....

The Tightwads said...

Kim, Weird, I haven't created mine yet, just added the code to use for later (by July 4th).
I'll have to whip one up to see what the deal is.