You Can Say that Again... (from 12/08)

Another feature of TM, "You can say that again..." where I repeat a (repeat-worthy) post from days gone by.

and a stitch in time saves nine...or however the saying goes. I don't know about you, but I am busy. And my mind is so full of important things crazy junk, even a quick trip to Walmart leaves me going, 'uh, uh...'.

Usually, my list is comprised of things that will be free or very very cheap after a coupon, but some trips to walmart are comprised of my hubby saying, "need anything from walmart?" to which I know a quick list is in order. Rather than walking around the kitchen, scratching my head, peering into the fridge (in hopes of answers); only to have him leave for the store & me remember toilet paper, I have decided to have a standing list for each particular store.

Have TP & gatorade as your stand-bys for Rite Aid? But don't need them for this particular run to the store? No biggie, just scratch it out. Or better yet, only highlight the items on your list that you need your maid husband to grab. I've shared my Walmart list with you. I don't always get my produce there, as I'm not happy with theirs (& Aldi's is SO much cheaper).... but no biggie, just scratch it out!

Tadalists is a free service. You can make a list of any kind. And let me tell you, I am a very listy girl (not to be confused with lUsty). Lists for what needs to be done today. What I need to finish by the weekend. What needs to go on vacay. I even write lists for my kids (sometimes complete w/ pictures). Heck, you could even write your bucket list at tada! And tada lets you go wild. You just register & list away!

Happy List-Making!

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