Long Live Your Kids' Clothes

Somehow I manage to make my kids' clothes last longer than they should. My friends admire my tricks to elongate the life of their clothes. So I thought I'd share some tips....

I have long-legged, thin kids. So some of these might not work for you. Hope they help.

Patches are a mom's best friend. My girl has 2 pairs of jeans right now that are in the works of being repaired. Just put an iron-on patch on the inside of the worn spot. I picked up 2 SUPER CUTE iron ons (for the outside)... they're "girl skulls". I was looking for owls, as they're so cute & trendy, unsuccessful. Anyway, for less than $4, my girls gets to keep wearing her Old Navy duds. And she'll be in style.

My next idea is layering. My girl's super-short pants are now "capris" with tall socks (or leg warmers) beneath. Her summer dresses (that don't look tacky being sported in our current season) now lay on top of a scalloped turtleneck & a pair of last summer's stretch pants. Luckily, the long-sleeves under the short is still being worn. Our summer tees, that still fit, are getting sported again over a turtleneck or long-sleeved tee.

Sundresses can be worn over tight pants & long sleeved shirts.

Tight summer tees are under shirts for sweaters & button ups.

Those are winter's ideas. Here are some warm-weather tips...

Take those cute pants that are worth holding onto. Cut the hem off. Wash them a time or two to get a 'not-just-cut-off' look & you have a pair of longish shorts/short pants that can't be bought at the store.

I take my girls skirts from last season & have her put leggins or long shorts under. My boy has a super cute pair of camo once-pants, that are now his tough-guy short-pants. He looks very abercrombie.

My girls leggins that are far too short can be cut off. But actually, I don't think "too short" is in the vocab for leggings.

I did want to add that usually my luck on the clearance racks & garage sale tables don't force me into these habits. It makes me feel good to elongate the life of their clothes. Makes me feel like I've outsmarted the clothing manufacturers. It's also one way to have your tike wearing one of a kind outfits.

Carters nailed it back when they said,

"If they'd only stay little 'til their Carters wear out..."


Suzanne said...

What about patching adults jeans. I just riped a pair of mine and the knees in others are wearing thin from crawling on the floor with the kiddos and climbing around the van. Is it cool for adults or will I look like a dork? Would really love to not have to buy new jeans.

Tashia @ TheHouseholdPlanner said...

Love your tips! Being a on a pretty tight budget this year has me fixing tears and holes more than I did before!

It's a great felling when you can be creative and make it work without having to spend your grocery money on new clothes!