Casa de Cheapskate: Date on a Dime

Go HERE for a free Quiznos sandwich.

There's your supper (for like $7).

After dinner, Tightwad Daddy & I like to pick a store & walk around. We usually have the Tightwad Tikes with us, so this is refreshing to shop quietly.

While you're out (or beforehand), 'borrow' a DVD from the library. Think that sounds cheezy?, right now, our regular library has these movies:



BURN AFTER READING (warning, Tightwad Daddy & I saw this & it's full of language & sexual inuendo)




So you can see, there's a pretty good selection. If they don't have what you want, or you'd rather avoid the library, use these good deals to find a movie...

REDBOX CODES (for a one night rental):
DVDONME (good only once)
WALMART (good at Walmart)
REDBOX (for New customers)
SMR8DVD (McDonald's only)

Codes can become invalid at any time, always have a 'back up plan'.

How can your date extend after you go home? (i.e. to watch the movie you borrow/rent)

With BABYSITTING CO-OP, that's how!

The Tightwad Family co-ops with a dear neighboring family. The Z family, who lives a street over, have become friends of ours. Our parenting styles & the kids' ages, are pretty equal, so our kids began having playdates. Because there is mutual trust, we decided to start trading sitting. It makes perfect sense. And our kids love it. Plus it's free! And since we're taking our kids there, it frees up our home to be able to have a date at home...which is always refreshing AND cheap. ;)

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