Shouts Out to the Cornbread Listeners

Friday & Saturday, at Scott Trade Center -- at 2 pm, you can watch (for free of course!), the (first two) Blues Games on the jumbotron... Both games vs Red Wings. Live from Stockholm, Sweden. Concession stands are open (not free, but open).

DOORS OPEN at 1:30 pm.

US Bank giving away $75 in free Schnucks groceries! If you are a newcustomer and open up new totally free checking account -- promotion ends Oct. 9th. Email me with questions, or see the great girls at the Arnold Schnucks branch.

Check out my coupon box, and get a coupon for a TOTALLY free sandwich (no purchase necessary) at QT. You will be asked (if you haven't already) to download a coupon printer, which only takes a few seconds & is harmless. Believe me, you'll want to get other coupons, so this is not a wasted step.

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