Make $400 in TWO DAYS?!

Thx to FB friend & reader Marie for this one!:

City Residents needed for Hatch Study $400 for 2 days. Hatch Research-in Mapkewood 314-768-2123-August 25th and 26th from (I think they said from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
It has to be 1 year since you did a study FOR THEM. So if they ask you about recent studies only count the ones for Hatch.

Read more about research studies HERE.


Anonymous said...

I tried to call the phone number and it said it is no longer in service. Any other ideas? Also do you have to be a maplewood resident? I live in Jefferson County. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a St. Louis City resident.
I just called the # yesterday. Did you dial the 314?