Free Single-Serve Cereal Cups

At Target!

Here's the situation,

General Mills Single-Serve Cereal Cups, $1
-$1/1 General Mills Cereal Target printable, exp. 9/12/09

I am so excited about this, my kids think these are the best thing since sliced bread.

Thanks DealSeekingMom!


Anonymous said...

I tried to use ten coupons, but they wouldn't even let me use ONE! They were very rude and belittled me for trying to do this, they said it's for the full size box. I showed them that the coupon does not state which size and they told me that corporate told them this... do you know anything about this?! They also said that NOTHING is free!!! Little do they know, they were just standing in my way!

The Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear this. As with any store, I sometimes have trouble at one location (or rather, employee), then will stop at another & have a flawless, trouble-free transaction.

Try again at another location?

ctmcolleen said...

anonymous - were you by chance at Target at Mid Rivers Mall Dr. and Hwy 94?? They were RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!! cashier Roselyn and mgr. Amy. made me feel like a criminal. Roselyn FLUNG my coups back at me, didnt say thanks for shopping or anything. (I did buy some other stuff!) Mgr. Amy said "its something new we had to start because of overuse from 'YOU INTERNET COUPON SHOPPERS.' This was my 1st time ever trying to use a coup to get something freeand I was only getting 3 cereal, not tons! I'm reporting them.

ctmcolleen said...

BTW - I used the free cereal coups the day b4 at another Target just fine and they were very NICE, polite and FUN!!! The other Target (Mid Rivers Mall/hwy 94)has just lost a customer 4-ever!! And believe me, I spend about $200/month easily!!