Casa de Cheapskate: Family Fun Night "BACK TO SCHOOL"

My regular weekend post got neglected this week on account of me spending 5,777,012 hours in my classroom this week. ;)
Instead I wanted to share our Family Fun Night that we did last Friday night with a BACK TO SCHOOL theme.
Craft=pendant (be true to your school!) (& any other craft your new Kindergartener might need to complete for open house!)
game=pencil on ruler relay (balance is key!)

snack time!

pendent preparation

snack served in cafeteria-style paper bowls

momma's leftover butcher paper from her bulletin board at school (that's what you call recycling!) turned into a town!
You could one-up this by serving dinner in a brown bag. By having your kiddos wear their backpacks to the dinner table. Or by doing relays with apples.
Can't wait to hear about your Family Fun Night!!

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kailani said...

I love the relay game! Who won? :-)