Redbox Code For Wednesday

Your WED. promo code is here, courtesy of Redbox.
It is good for one free night’s rental at any Redbox kiosk.


Expires tonight at midnight CST.
REDBOX is a movie rental system, placed in a big red kiosk.
Usually, these can be found outside of a walgreens, inside and outside of most McDonalds, & in some shop n saves & walmarts.
REDBOX movies are only a buck, but must be returned the following day by 9 pm.
Every Monday morning, I will post a 'Redbox Code'.
This code will get your movie free, for only the day it's posted.
One bonus about REDBOX, a free code can be used more than once if you use a different credit or debit card for that 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) time.
REDBOX has new releases, as well as several kids' movies.

Redbox must've had a good response to the March Madness Wednesday codes & decided to extend it?
Not sure, but who cares! Free movies on Wednesdays too!!

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