This Week's Menu

grill chicken breasts
add to tossed salad (spinach leaves, iceburg lettuce, carrots (all from shop n save) + green peppers (aldi's 3/$1).).
choice of salad dressing (my kids heart catalina)
leftover brownies (from last week) + ice cream
french bread (get day old fr bread loaves @ Jimmy John's for 50 cents)

meatloaf* (I mix w/ oats, eggs, ketchup, salt/pepper & sprinkle the top w/ brown sugar)
salad use leftover salad (w/o chicken)
baked potatoes
kiwis :)

use leftover grilled chicken (from Monday) for CHICKEN ENCHILLADA soup
(I use a mix, but you can make from scratch, it is more expensive)
cheddar biscuits (bisquick mix I found clearanced down at target)

burgers* (grilled, yum!)
garnish with: any still-green spinach leaves, cheese, etc.
diced potato mix (red tatoes from aldi's, onion, peppers, grill in foil, yum from Harris clan!)
steamed broccoli
shamrock cookie ice cream sandwiches (the cookies were marked down at shop n save minus Q!)

french toast (use almost-stale bread that's left from the week)
fruit salad (great thing to do w/ the almost-bad fruit from the week)

I try to keep our meals around $5. Some are a buck or so more....the others are a buck or so less (like Friday's menu, which probably totals $3).
I also try to cook ahead. For example, with my family pack of ground beef* .... on Saturday, I pre-made burger patties (for Thursday), which I always mix w/ egg. I also took that time to pre-make our meatloafs. I use a really tiny loaf pan, one for each kiddo, & hubs & I share a bigger loaf. I then threw these in the freezer.
On Monday, I plan to cook the chicken for Monday & Wednesday.
It saves time & forces me to 'stick to the plan'!

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