Boxes...Don't Ever Throw Them Away....

My kids have a million toys, don't even get me started...
but, know what they love to play with the most?

BOXES. And other odd, free stuff.

My hubby surprised me with a box of glass pyrex bowls with lids (sounds like I'm crazy for coveting such a gift, but plastics scare me, so this was perfect for me) & when he cut the side of the box, I just knew this box was asking to be transformed into a little house, complete with a really big driveway.

And so, for days on end, my kiddos enjoyed having their cars drive into the driveway... we eventually even cut a doorway out of the back!
My girl got a new booster seat style car seat. And so, stealing an idea from the last Parents As Teachers group meeting, we decided to make an extra cool car ramp...just by taping the lids & tilting it up on a little stool.
And so, for free, my kids had hours of fun... with a 'new' toy!

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